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If your business is experiencing financial problems, we can help you manage the stress with timely advice.

Help To Face Insolvency

We provide dedicated and compassionate guidance to individuals and business facing insolvency. We remove obstacles, clarify uncertainties and provide clear plans for moving forward with minimal stress.

What Challenge Are You Facing?

It's Time To Rethink Bankruptcy

Millions of Australians have had their livelihoods and businesses ripped away by the impacts of a crises nobody could have foreseen. Bushfires, COVID-19 and lockdowns have made entire domestic and international economies grind to a standstill. Yet, a stigma still hangs around Bankruptcy and prevents people from seeking the most sensible solution their debt problems.

At DCG, we strive to break negative stereotypes around Bankruptcy at time when having the right attitude about bankruptcy can save lives! In the last year, many thousands of Australians lost their jobs or had to shut their businesses, not because of an economic downturn, but because of a global health pandemic.

Never before has it been more important for people to wisely consider bankruptcy as a sensible way out from living under the burden of unpayable debts.

The Challenges Of Bankruptcy

Common Myths

Bankruptcy exists to help YOU and protect YOU. We cut through the myths and false information circulating about going bankrupt and guide you to the facts. Removing misconceptions is the best way you can start on your journey to restoring confidence in the future.

Bankruptcy & Your Health

Bankruptcy can mean more than just debt relief. I can be an important set in getting your health back after prolonged financial distress and the gut-wrenching experience of fearing for you and your family’s security. Discover how declaring bankruptcy can bring an end to the constant stress and heartache.

Bankruptcy & Your Family

Bankruptcy can be an especially tough process for families and close relationships. It can also be the very thing that saves them from succumbing to the pressures of living under constant financial distress. Get clarity on how bankruptcy impacts your spouse or partner.

Bankruptcy & Your Assets

While there are conditions and limitations to what you can earn and own, bankruptcy does not mean you will lose your house, your car and all your assets. Find out what provisions exist to protect your assets and what ramifications for future earnings you need to consider before declaring bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Isn’t The End

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