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The DCG Approach

Facing bankruptcy can cause enormous stress. Feelings of failure and the uncertainty of what to do can be overwhelming. That’s what Doug Constable Group is here for: to provide expert, compassionate guidance through insolvency and beyond to a better life – free from financial stress.

We offer a comprehensive service to assist individuals and businesses deal with the complexities of insolvency so they can move on in life and find a fresh start.

We’ve help hundreds of Australians overcome their fears of insolvency, unravel complex debt problems, and get a fresh financial start for themselves and their families.

If you live in or around Melbourne and need to talk to someone about bankruptcy or business insolvency, don’t hesitate – contact Doug Constable Group today on 1300 93 4357 for a free, confidential consultation.

Our Values


We recognise just how trying and stressful bankruptcy and insolvency can be. Which is why we’re dedicated to standing by your side from start to finish. All our clients receive unwavering support and professionalism as we work to achieve the best possible solution for you.


We aren’t just bankruptcy and insolvency experts; we’ve had our own experiences with bankruptcy and insolvency. The compassion we offer is born of a genuine understanding of what it’s like to go through debt problems – and come out the other side.


We work to protect you and your interests. Whether its standing
between you and creditors or liquidators who have gotten out of
hand, or ensuring your personal assets aren’t entangled in business
insolvency – we act as your agents, entirely focused on YOU.

Doug Constable Group

Get Peace of Mind

At Doug Constable Group, we’re passionate about helping people solve complex debt problems.

Dealing with crippling debt can cause enormous stress, deteriorate relationship, and result in real physical and mental health problems. If you’re struggling with debt and are considering bankruptcy or business insolvency as options, or are just looking for advice about what’s right for you, then Doug Constable group is here to help you.

Our friendly and professional team is led by Doug Constable, a highly regarded expert in the field of personal and business debt with decades of experience helping individuals and businesses overcome their fears of insolvency, and move on to better life.

We act as your advocate, agent and guardian – focusing on guiding, protecting and advising you on how to achieve the best outcome for your circumstances. Our advice is always tailored to your circumstances, always free from any judgement, and always delivered to the highest professional standards.

If you’re overwhelmed by debt and feel like there’s no way out – we’re here to show you you’re not alone and there is a way to restore your life to normalcy again.

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