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Business Liquidation

At Doug Constable Group, we’re passionate about helping people make smarter liquidation decisions.

At Doug Constable Group, we specialise in helping businesses unravel their insolvency problems and find a resolution that provides the best outcome with minimal stress.

We’ll ensure you’re empowered with personalised advice that suits your circumstances and an experienced partner to help you navigate tough decisions and deal with the challenges of liquidating your business.

Most importantly, we make sure you’re in charge of the process – which is why we urge businesses to ALWAYS seek advice from an insolvency expert BEFORE appointing a liquidator.

Is Liquidation The Right Decision For Your Business?

Small Business

Voluntary administration may be too expensive.

Unable To Pay

No cash available to pay creditors, staff or the ATO.

Trading At A Loss

If you can’t recover from current or past losses.

How Can Doug Constable Group Help You?

Discover Your Options

We help you find the best options available to you depending on your circumstances. There are plenty of pro’s and con’s to liquidating your business, at Doug Constable Group, we ensure you’re fully informed and assist with providing professional advice on what type of liquidation fits your situation and objectives.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

This form of liquidation is only available to solvent companies and is usually used to finalise a company’s affairs and return capital to shareholders.

Court Ordered Liquidation

A Court Liquidation is ordered by a Court on the application of a creditor who seeks to recuperate unpaid debt. In this case, a Liquidator will be appointed.

Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation

This is the most common form of liquidation entered into by companies when insolvent and involves the voluntary appointment of a Liquidator.

Provisional Liquidation

This is a complex Liquidation proceeding which usually involves a shareholder’s dispute over director’s conduct and involves no sale of company assets.

Finding The Right Liquidator

This can be the deciding factor between a stressful and sour liquidation process, or a sensible and sane one.

Doug Constable Group can provide you with access to a qualified and professional Liquidator who will:

  • Act with empathy and ethics
  • Efficiently collect and liquidate your company assets
  • Make investigations, pursue recoveries and distribute funds to creditors with minimal hassle to you

If you need help finding a trustworthy Liquidator, contact Doug Constable Group today on 1300 93 4357.

Are You A Company Director?

Liquidation is also a good option for a director personally because liquidation:

  • May prevent you from being personally liable for company tax debts
  • Stops company creditors from hassling you
  • Ends the stress and worry of trying to save your business
  • Gives you the chance to move on in life
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