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Business Turnaround Solutions

At Doug Constable Group, we’re passionate about helping businesses stay afloat. Our team of business consultants are experienced at assisting business owners develop and implement strategies to alleviate financial distress and return to profitability.

Who is Business Turnaround For?

If your business is showing signs of financial distress, it’s vital to recognise the problem and respond quickly. Often, business owners and directors are reluctant to face the reality of their situation and leave things too late.

Business turnarounds prevent companies from becoming insolvent and having to wind-up. By restructuring your business, we work to address strategic management problems, problems achieving profitability, and liquidity problems.

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Solving Strategic Problems

We embark on a fact-finding mission to discover if your business problems can be solved by changing how business is being done. Depending on the severity of the situation, this may mean making substantial changes to your business strategy, operations or even management.

Solving Profitability Problems

Cash is King and without sufficient cash-flow and profitability, your business will run aground. Our skilled business turnaround consultants uncover the obstacles to profitability and offer actionable advice on how to unlock untapped cash-flow, reduce overhead costs, and bring your business back into the black.

Solving Liquidity Problems

This is when business problems have reached their most critical and demand the most urgent attention to maintain access to the financial resources it needs to keep operating. Our debt experts can help your restructure its agreements with creditors and avoid putting your business at greater risk through poorly considered debt options.

Changes to Australian Insolvency Rules

The Australian government plans on adopting new insolvency rules which will help small businesses struggling because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the costs of putting a business into administration or receivership, the process often consumes all of its assets. Under the proposed new rules, businesses will be provided 20 days to come up with a restructuring plan for creditors to agree to.

Ultimately, it’s in all our interests that more businesses remain afloat and keep operating, paying their bills and employee wages, and contributing to the economy.

Most importantly, these changes mean your business is given time to develop a roadmap back to profitability and stays out of the hands of liquidators.

Here’s How Doug Constable Group Can Help

Step 1: An Expert Evaluation of Your Business

Our business consultants come on board to acquire a clear picture of your business’ financial situation and the cause of its financial problems.

Step 2: Developing A Turnaround Plan

We use insights gathered during the evaluation phase to develop an actionable turnaround plan designed to restructure outstanding debt, improve operating practices, reduce operating costs and restore your business to profitability.

Step 3: Turnaround Plan Implementation

Turnarounds can be painful and demand difficult decisions be made in a timely fashion. We’re able to act for you to deal with those decisions and if necessary, remove resistant staff on your behalf.

Step 4: Returning to Profitability

Once in place, your turnaround strategy will return your business to profitability. During this step we keep a close eye on your business and ensure the changes have taken hold and become a fixed part of how your business functions.
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