Having Trustee Problems?

Do you feel stressed about communicating with your trustee? Do you feel he is just adding to the stress you are already experiencing from your bankruptcy? If he is making your life more miserable, then you should probably consider hiring someone who can talk on your behalf with your trustee.

Our experience in dealing with Trustees had been developed over a number of years including the processes required to be put in place for Bankruptcy, making the process for you a little more easier than trying to do this on your own.

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We can cut through
We will challenge them
We will protect your interests

Filing for bankruptcy is an option that exists for those people who have found their financials status difficult to cope with and allows them to step back and look at their situation from the outside and make the correct decision to start over again. Our staff are only too happy to deal with any queries you have at any time. They are there to help you to manage and guide your through the process of bankruptcy. They may not always be able to answer question immediately, but they will attempt to get back to you in a time effective and efficient manner with an answer to your query.

Circumstances for each individual differ from person to person, the process of preparing the documents for filing your bankruptcy and the managing your ensuing period bankruptcy will follow the below steps in most instances.

– In your initial consultation we will determine if bankruptcy is the best option for you as well as discussing your circumstances.

– If you decide to file for bankruptcy and you agree to our fees, a fixed fee client agreement will need to be signed.

– Our staff will help you to complete the relevant paperworl, i.e. Statement of Affairs document and your Debtor’s Petition which outlines the debts you owe.

– Once all the documentation is complete it will then be submitted to the trustee.

– This process normally takes 14 days with a bankruptcy number being issued. You will also be sent a letter from your Trustee advising you of your bankruptcy number.

– The Trustees role then is to begin the process of investigation into your financial circumstances. The Trustee will advise your creditors that you are a bankrupt. Some creditors may ask to confirm the debts you listed in your Statement of Affairs.

– During the time you are filing for bankruptcy you can provide your Creditors with your Bankruptcy number. The Creditors will take step back and will await for the process to be completed.

– If you require any assistance with dealing with creditors who continue to hassle you or should you have any questions as all as we go through the beginning of your bankruptcy, please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff.

We take pride in the variety of styles of occupations we have been able to assist with their business needs over the years.

We have helped Barristers, Solicitors, Financial Planners, Financial Advisors, Surgeons, Doctors, Trustee’s, Liquidators, Taxi Drivers, Small Business Owners, Builders, Property Developers, Accountants, Plumbers, Electricians, Engineers, Truck Drivers, Real Estate Agents, Nurserymen, Manufacturers, Sign Writers, Car Dealers, Musicians, Business Coaches, Building Inspectors, Valuers, Mortgage Brokers and Tax Agents.


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