Trustee and Liquidator Assistance

Are you finding it difficult to communicate with your Trustee or Liquidator? Trustees and liquidators are engaged to take care of the creditor’s interest. If you are not familiar with insolvency, which most business people are not, then it can be an often intimidating and stressful process. Often a third party is useful in smoothing the path and clarifying the requests for information you may be receiving. Perhaps you’re finding your Trustee is behaving aggressively, or maybe it just feels that way. Your creditors are angry, your staff have been retrenched, and are angry, your family has no idea and you feel completely responsible and isolated. You need someone on your team.



We can cut through
We will challenge them
We will protect your interests

Winding up a business or personal bankruptcy can be one of the most distressing experiences in life. After all, it wasn’t your intention not to pay your creditors, sack your staff, and close your doors. You didn’t give personal guarantees to end up bankrupt.

With our longstanding experience with trustees and liquidators, we act as the intermediary between you and your trustee or liquidator, and help relieve the stress associated with winding up your business or personal bankruptcy.

Our team are understanding and will help guide the process, communicate with your trustee or liquidator and relieve the stress associated with the grief and often overwhelming experience of winding up your affairs.

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