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Financial Distress

At Doug Constable Group, we’re passionate about helping people recover financially from COVID-19.

Doug Constable Group exists to help people move beyond the fear, stress and disfunction financial distress can bring.

There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions when it comes to dealing with financial distress. The first step is getting experienced and skilled help assessing your situation and planning a sensible recovery strategy.

Here’s how Doug Constable Group helps people overcome financial distress and get control back over their financial lives:

What Is Financial Distress?

Cash Flow Shortages

Ultimately, when you or your business is spending more than it can earn, it will lead to problems.

Often, there are measures you can take to reduce and restrict your overheads or costs – but sometimes, even when those adjustments are made, the cash coming in is insufficient to cover the basics of keeping the lights on (for your business or home).

How We Help

Doug Constable Group

Assessing Of Your Financial Situation

We evaluate your personal or business finances with an objective eye to get an accurate assessment of your situation.

Doug Constable Group

Exploring Your Financial Options

We walk you through your options, from insolvency through to turnaround, and discuss how each can work for you.

Doug Constable Group

Getting a Fresh Financial Start

We create and help you activate a plan that helps you move beyond financial distress and back to a normal life again.

Creditors Are Chasing

If you’ve started ignoring phone calls, emails and letters for fear of facing creditors, it’s a sure sign of financial problems.

This often feeds creditor urgency and can prompt them to start using tactics to get your attention which triggers even more fear.

This in turn can trigger the trap of avoidance that results in feeling overwhelmed and being tempted to ‘cut-and-run’.

Unpayable Obligations

Being able to meet your financial obligations is the cornerstone of personal and business financial viability.

When you’re no longer able to meet your obligations due to cashflow shortages – it’s a clear sign of financial distress.

That includes failing to pay creditors, such as mortgage repayments or rent, as well as not meeting GST or PAYG obligations, or using these as a ‘float’ to keep your cashflow positive.

Experiencing Health Problems

Studies show people experiencing financial distress are significantly more likely to experience both physical and mental health problems.

Yet too often, when all our focus is drawn to fixing financial problems, we ignore what our minds and bodies tell us.

Finding the right financial solution for you can play an important part in restoring not just your peace-of-mind, but your wellbeing and health as well.

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