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We’re passionate about helping people find financial freedom.

Douglas Constable, affectionately known as ‘Doug’, has over 50 years’ experience helping businesses and individuals find smart solutions to complex debt problems. Thanks to his broad experience and deep knowledge of personal and business insolvency, Doug offers what most solicitors and accountants can’t: a wide-angle view and informed perspective about what works and what doesn’t in the real world.

Most people (including solicitors and accountants) know very little about the practical side of bankruptcy and insolvency. Doug brings his wealth of experience and reassuring manner to employ strategies for solving debt problems that empower our clients and puts their minds at ease.

Doug’s vision is to help people build a better, brighter future through financial freedom. He helps people avoid bankruptcy and insolvency where possible, but not at the expense of sanity, health, relationships and future business and income opportunities. Through his books, blogging and YouTube videos, Doug works tirelessly to correct misconceptions surrounding bankruptcy and insolvency, and help people find the financial fresh start which can make all the difference.

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