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When I lost a business contract that I’d been counting on to sort out my debts, I thought I was out of options. No one seemed able to help me. The bank told me the best thing to do was sell my house. The thought of telling my family that we had to sell the home caused me a lot of stress. A friend referred me to Doug at Doug Constable Group.

I can’t thank Doug and his team enough. They helped me create a strategy to reorganise my finances and presented me with lots of options to choose from. I think the thing I appreciated the most was their honesty and consistent communication. 

Mark – Sandringham 

I thought going Bankrupt would be the worst thing that could happen to a person. I’d heard from friends that it completely destroys your credit rating and wrecks your financial future. I was pretty much out of options though and my creditors were really hassling me. I’d spoken to my accountant and he’d never mentioned that it was possible to have my Bankruptcy annulled. 

Knowing that I didn’t have to be Bankrupt forever changed the whole picture and suddenly things didn’t seem as bad as they had been. Knowing that when I got things back on track I could make an offer to my creditors and have my Bankruptcy annulled was a much better option than the lifetime of financial wilderness I thought Bankruptcy meant. If I hadn’t come across Doug Constable Group I’d never have understood how this option works. 

Jarrad – Perth

I’d been Bankrupt for a few years and was sure I was going to be bankrupt for eternity. Every time my Trustee contacted me I felt stressed and overwhelmed. I know it’s luck of the draw now which Trustee you get, but I just couldn’t communicate with my Trustee very well and I’m sure they were just as frustrated with me too. I googled and found Doug Constable Group and am so pleased that I did.

They managed all of the communication on my behalf which made the whole situation much less stressful. I was able to travel to my daughter’s wedding in France without any hassles, and I now have a much better understanding of my obligations as a Bankrupt. I wish I’d found them sooner. 

Angela – Cheltenham 

As a one man show, working for myself wasn’t exactly how I thought it would be. I’d tried to be everything and do everything on my own. Business wasn’t the problem. I had heaps of it. I just couldn’t manage it and got behind on my tax obligations, my accounts were a mess and I couldn’t for the life of me work out how much money I was making or how much would be coming in next month. I couldn’t find anyone to help me actually run my own business without wanting to have a piece of it, or be paid huge consulting fees to refer me to a whole heap of other people. 

The Team and Doug Constable Group soon became my team. They put together a plan, found me a great bookkeeper, helped me structure my accounts, managed my HR needs and gave me help when I needed it. I was able to phone them with even little questions and now twelve months later I’ve taken the first holiday with my family I’d had in five years knowing that the world isn’t going to fall apart whilst I’m gone. 

Michael – Torquay

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