We’ll help you and your spouse get beyond bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy & Your Family

At Doug Constable Group, we’re passionate about lightening the load for families ‘going through bankruptcy’.

‘Going through bankruptcy’ is something families do together. Getting expert help with your bankruptcy could be the difference between endless arguments and fights, sleepless nights, and a hostile home environment – and something more normal.

Beyond the financial implications for both parties, the emotional impact alone can be huge. Here are three things you can do to make sure your relationship doesn’t end up on the rocks.

Speak To A Relationships Counsellor

There are incredibly effective relationship counsellors out there who are too rarely accessed for their expertise and skills. Doug Constable Group doesn’t offer relationships counselling, but we highly encourage people who are feeling the impacts of either financial distress, or bankruptcy on their relationships to bring professional help into the mix.

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Don’t Try To Hide It From Your Spouse

Trying to hide bankruptcy from your spouse won’t achieve a thing. In our experience, open and transparent couples, who deal with their bankruptcy rationally and reasonably, last the distance. That starts with frank discussions, free from accusation or aggression.

Check The Advice Of Well-Meaning Relatives

Well-meaning relatives can be the source of incredibly bad information, especially about how to protect assets. This, and a string of other ‘I heard from a guy…’ bankruptcy tips handed out by Uncle Phil at the Grand Final BBQ (or his equivalent in your family) have done a lot to set people on the wrong bankruptcy course. Stay on good terms with Uncle Phil and get your advice from a real professional.

Get Clarity About Bankruptcy
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